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What we offer

With a wide range of products and a flexible partnership approach, we are able to meet your needs.

Our mission

By providing a wide range of products and staying on top of market trends, we aim to accelerate each client’s business growth.


X-Trading vision is to scale client business 10x. Forecast for the 2023 year is to reach a turnover of 25-50 million.

Xair Ltd was founded in 2013, with the mission to modernize airports by providing cutting-edge technology and services that would enhance airport function.

At first, Xair Ltd was met with success but in 2019 the World was hit by a pandemic and the company decided to take on a reconstruction and start selling wholesale products such as car spares, ventilation systems, and IT components . In business, this means that if you’re not constantly evolving, you’re risking your survival.

In 2022 the company was steadily growing with the addition of wholesale perfume , clothing , and children’s toys. The last quarter of that year saw a turnover of 5 million euros, an impressive figure. This year, the company has ambitious plans to increase that figure fivefold.

Our primary clients are marketplaces. The management team comes up with a plan to reach these targets and everyone is eager to put it into motion.

What next? Nutrition and other products will be added to the company’s products in 2023.


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